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1 – Traffic laws
.When crossing a pedestrian, you must slow down so that the passage is pleasant for both parties
2 - Conditions of practice
. The minimum age is 7 years old with a minimum height of 1.20 meters for children's scooters and
10 years for adult scooters with a minimum height of 1.40 meters. The presence of a responsible adult in the group is obligatory.
The scooter is an activity with a risk of falling, you agree to practice this activity fully aware of the possible risks incurred.
.You certify that you have sufficient physical and technical skills to practice this activity.
Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or medication is strongly prohibited.
.You must respect the circuit indicated by the rental company.

3 - Security elements
Wearing a helmet and safety gloves are mandatory
The scooters are revised every year by a professional cycle mechanic.
4 - Duration of the ride
. Arrival 15 minutes before the scheduled time for presentation, equipment, start-up and testing of equipment. Ballad of 2 HOURS MAXIMUM and return of equipment.
.Each route has been calculated with sufficient time to also enjoy the scenery, HOWEVER, if the 2 hours are exceeded, any delay will be charged in addition 15 euros per scooter per hour started.
5 - Rental insurance
. The lessor does not in any way engage its civil liability in the event of damage or claims suffered or caused by the lessee during use (see professional civil liability).
6 - Tenant insurance
. The tenant is responsible for the rented equipment from the time he takes possession of it and until it is returned.
. The tenant certifies that he has insurance covering adequately the risks relating to the rental of a scooter (see multi-risk home insurance).
7 - Security deposit and damage
.A security deposit is required either in cash, check or credit card with identity document at the signing of the rental agreement.
The deposit amount is 500 euros per scooter. The deposit is not cashed and is returned in full to the lessee upon return of the equipment, provided that the scooter and the loaned equipment are returned in the same condition as when they were made available. In the event of non-return or breakage of the scooter, the deposit will not be returned (purchase value of the new scooter 1,500 euros).
.The tenant acknowledges by signing this contract to have received the rented scooter (s) and basic equipment (helmets and gloves) in perfect working order. To do this, an inspection of the equipment will be made on departure and arrival, mentioning if necessary a remark in the rental agreement. Any damage noted will be retained on the amount of the deposit paid (helmet = 40 euros, gloves = 15 euros; GPS = 170 euros; tire 40 euros; scooter = 500 euros).
8 - Good practice guidelines
.Respect the safety distances between each member of the group (between 5 and 10 meters)

.Respect nature, dot not leave traces of your passage !
.Wait the whole group at each intersection
.Visualize your map or GPS often to find your location
ATTENTION to your SPEED, do not overestimate your ease of practice, REMAIN CAREFUL!

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